1). First of all, if all you ever do is just have your business and refer a friend info listed in Local Treasure:

You will have the benefit of growing numbers of Cash Rewards Members continuously introducing our listed businesses to potential customers (you being one of those businesses).

This encourages frequent purchasing activity for our listed businesses.


2). Because of the requirement that ¬†CRM’s make a certain amount of purchases from our listed businesses each year, this also stimulates frequent purchasing activity for our listed businesses.


3). We have a contest “each month” where the member who makes purchases from the most businesses listed in Local Treasure wins Bonus Cash:

This “greatly stimulates” frequent purchasing activity for our listed businesses.


4). Business owners who list their business (or who claim their listed business) are immediately qualified to become CRM’s(Cash Rewards Members) and build an income stream in addition to what they receive from their own business.

As a CRM, business owners are qualified to receive¬†a percentage of all the refer a friend rewards (from a wide variety of refer a friend offers) that are rewarded to their direct and indirect referrals… to six teirs down.

In the “very least”, this could bring some reembersement for what you pay out in refer a friend bonuses.

In the “very most” business owners could receive cash rewards from up to 137, 259 CRM’s.

Business owners simply introduce their customers to Local Treasure.

Note: It is not a requirement for business owners to become CRM’s.


5). What other business directory does this for their listed businesses?


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