–By becoming a member you agree to abide by all Find Local Treasure (FLT) terms, conditions, disclaimers, instructions, rules, policies, procedures as set forth throughout this (FLT) website.


–You are responsible for your own tax liabilities. You are not an employee of Find Local Treasure.


–Find Local Treasure (FLT) is a social networking site where the members share with each other refer a friend opportunities offered by the businesses where they have made purchases or otherwise have obtained permission to refer for bonuses. Individual members of (FLT) personally reward other (FLT) members for their personal assistance, their purchasing activity, and for their promoting work.


–Find Local Treasure (FLT) members may also share with one another businesses of interest or business opportunities of interest in member profiles, in members personal groups and group forums, in (FLT) Members Chat forum postings. Therefore you are agreeing not to hold the owner(s) of Find Local Treasure or any of its members liable for any losses or damages you may incur from your acceptance of services, products, business opportunities, any type of deals, exchanges or agreements which information has been simply posted in the Find Local Treasure Listings by the so said or otherwise being simply referred to you through the (FLT) website by the so said.


–The Find Local Treasure staff will be doing continuous random investigations on businesses being posted in (FLT)  and on those who become members of (FLT) to weed out any scams and dishonest and non-compliant members. Even so, it is always wise to do a little investigation yourself before you make a purchase or use a service.


–Find Local Treasure does not guarantee you success, referrals, refer a friend bonuses or cash rewards.


–Concerning Find Local Treasure (FLT) and your continued participation in (FLT) you understand that for the purpose that members of (FLT) have better odds of success in (FLT) and for the continuation and growth of (FLT) also for purpose of implementing better ways of doing things when such better ways are discovered; and also for purpose of abiding by city, state, and federal rules, regulations, policies and laws; there may be modifications, changes, additions, omissions made concerning anything in (FLT) that is done, how anything in (FLT) operates, how anything in (FLT) is handled, how anything regarding (FLT) is presented or stated.


–Find Local Treasure reserves the right to refuse (FLT) membership to anyone for any reason.


–Regarding your participation in Find Local Treasure (FLT) concerning the terms set forth above: Non-compliance by any member may result in one or more of the following actions against them: warned; suspended; deleted; blacklisted; terminated; permanently banned .


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